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Entrepreneur and 5x founder. @velocify @amplifyla @markuphero @audiojoyapps @geekingapp | High school teacher. Content marketer. Startup junkie. Dad.

Image and PDF annotation should work wherever you work. Use Markup Hero’s annotation API to add markup tools directly in your SaaS app.

In 2011 Evernote acquired the popular screenshot and image annotation software Skitch. It was a good call. In fact, it was this acquisition and subsequent integration, that had me stick with the note taking tool for for another 7 years before switching from Evernote to Notion.

Here’s why.

Anyone that uses Evernote, or any of the hundred other great note taking apps; Notion, Coda, Roam Research, Slab, etc. has frequently pasted an image or PDF into a note. …

Know when to stop everything and build what they want and when to say no, or not just yet.

This post is a response to a recent App Sumo review for Markup Hero.

Some Context

Most founders will tell you that the most important thing about building a startup is listening to customers. I agree, but it’s nuanced. 100% if you build something that nobody wants or that doesn’t meet the needs of users, it will fail; every time. But unilaterally listening to your users can be a little dangerous too. It’s a balance. The hard part is knowing when to say yes, when to say no, and when to say maybe later.

My Response

Thanks for the feedback Sumo-ling. I have to…

If you already use Nuclino you know how powerful it is. And if you’ve ever hoped that you could annotate images and files within Nuclino, here’s how.

Nuclino is a combination wiki, knowledge base, note taking tool, and pseudo-project management software all-in-one. It’s lightning fast and easy to use. Nuclino is friend to many product managers, designers, coders, project managers and more. I’ve been using it for some time now for a variety of use cases, but one feature is missing — integrated file annotation.

If you want to learn a little more about Nuclino first, keep reading. If you’d rather just jump to why Nuclino needs built-in file annotation, scroll down.

What’s great about Nuclino

First, a little about the tool. Nuclino is a unique SaaS tool that covers a…

Ready to add recurring payments to your SaaS business? We did all the research and went with Chargebee. Here’s our product review showing how on how easy it was to implement, why it works better than Recurly and how it’s so worth the few extra bucks over Stripe.

Chargebee Product Review

I’ve been building SaaS companies most of my career. I’ve deal with subscription billing and recurring payments in every one of them. In 2004 when we launched Velocify, we had to build it from scratch, and it sucked. Nowadays there are subscription management software companies that do all the work for you. Chargebee is the one we chose when we were ready to add billing to Markup Hero and we’re happy we did. This is our story.

Doing Research on Recurring Payments

We had an idea of what was important to us before we picked Chargebee. I told my partners that flexible…

Just track it. Time Doctor is a no-fuss time tracking and productivity making machine. It works seamlessly behind the scenes and you can’t live without it.

In this remote work age, time tracking is even more important than it’s ever been. Full time employees that used to work in cubicles are working from home and freelancers are quickly becoming a big part of the core staff. With all this change comes various challenges for workers, managers, executives and business owners. Maybe Excel spreadsheets used to work to track staff hours, team productivity and account billing when everyone was in the same building, but now people are distributed everywhere in the world. …

Whether you’re a seasoned product manager or just getting started in product management, you’ve probably heard the term product-market fit. The idea was popularized in 2007 by Marc Andreessen in his post “ the only thing that matters “. In this article, Marc credits Andy Rachleff, co-founder of Benchmark Capital, for inventing the concept and suggests that you can always feel when product/market fit (PMF) isn’t happening and when it is happening.

When customers aren’t getting value. And when users aren’t telling their friends. And when sales cycles take too long. And when users just aren’t using the product. Well…

Planable is a unified tool to create, schedule and review your social media posts. With a highly intuitive interface and useful features for small and large organizations, Planable is you’re next no-brainer software purchase.

If you’ve ever had to manage numerous social accounts across several business units you’ve probably realized how cumbersome it can be. Like me, you’ve also probably found the process to be prone to errors and inconsistencies. There are tools to help you manage and schedule social posts, and I’ve tried a number of them.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the sea of blogging tips and tricks. Keep it simple. Start small and try these 10 very very doable things to get your blog rocking and fast.

For most of us, working from home has become either a real drag or a personal boon. So whether you like it or hate it, remote work has given a lot of people an opportunity to explore new interests and even start a side hustle. One of the easiest and most common ways to make money online is starting a blog. Becoming a blogger is actually pretty simple these days. You can spin up a pretty nice template site on one of a dozen platforms, but this article isn’t going to cover the getting started phase. I’m going to assume…

Paymo is an elegant and powerful platform to manage all of your projects and team members in one place. It’s deep with features and utterly simple to use. Keep your team aligned and your clients happy by centralizing your entire business in one place.

When it comes to managing a business, there are a ton of helpful SaaS tools. This is a good thing of course, but it can come with a price, literally and figuratively. From managing tasks to invoicing; time tracking to resource management; and several other universal needs — most organizations deal with a lot of similar challenges. When companies seek to solve many of these issues, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the solutions out there. And while sometimes having single purpose tools are the way to go; in a few cases a unified solution can have significant benefits.

Slack is a killer app. But it’s not the only thing you use. These five integrations are guaranteed to make your work life better.

Screenshots Done Right w/

There are thousands of integrations on the Slack app directory. And while many are cool, most of them aren’t actually that useful or are too cumbersome to use to be worth it. But some Slack integrations are intuitive and quite effective. I’m not going cover the obvious ones like Google Drive, Dropbox and Zoom; or the integrations that are valuable if you already use the core solution like Asana, Hubspot, Jira, etc. …

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