Jeff Solomon

I am a growth-oriented executive who is passionate about the intersection of customer, marketing, and product. I am both highly strategic and obsessively tactical in my approach - building expert teams and growing products using customer-centric and data-driven thinking.

I’ve built, sold, and invested in dozens of startups over my 25+ year career. More recently I’ve been hired to help early-stage and post-series A startups build a product and marketing infrastructure to maximize growth. I’m looking for a full-time role at a high-velocity organization where I can be both strategic and tactical around product development, customer engagement, and viral growth. The optimal company for me is one that is tech-oriented and driven by user feedback and engagement. My story started with Lego. I had trash cans of the stuff growing up. And now I build a lot more than just spaceships and land rovers.

Editor of Hackit and Pitashi


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Jeff Solomon

Entrepreneur & 6x founder @velocify @amplifyla @markuphero @audiojoyapps @geekingapp | Teacher. Advisor. Content Creator. Product. Marketing. Startups. Dad.