Why Sometimes You Have to Say “Maybe” to Customer Feedback

Know when to stop everything and build what they want and when to say no, or not just yet.

This post is a response to a recent App Sumo review for Markup Hero.

Some Context

Most founders will tell you that the most important thing about building a startup is listening to customers. I agree, but it’s nuanced. 100% if you build something that nobody wants or that doesn’t meet the needs of users, it will fail; every time. But unilaterally listening to your users can be a little dangerous too. It’s a balance. The hard part is knowing when to say yes, when to say no, and when to say maybe later.

My Response

Thanks for the feedback Sumo-ling. I have to admin, I have been sitting on this review for a few days because it frustrates me. As a founder we never want to hear bad news, and this is the first and only 3-taco review we’ve gotten. That said, I’m smart enough, and I’ve done this enough times, to listen to negative feedback.

  1. We can always make it faster
  2. We can always build the desktop editor if we need to
  3. Desktop editing isn’t our vision as a company
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Markup Hero Steps to Annotate Inside Another SaaS App
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Markup Hero as a Modal from within Other SaaS Tools

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Entrepreneur and 5x founder. @velocify @amplifyla @markuphero @audiojoyapps @geekingapp | High school teacher. Content marketer. Startup junkie. Dad.

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