How to use to Build Highly Effective AI Image Generation Prompts for Midjourney, Dall-E and Stable Diffusion

Get Inspired by thousands of prompt “tags” or add your own and contribute to the growing library of “tags”.

Jeff Solomon
5 min readJan 3, 2023
Prompt Hero for AI Image Generation Prompt Building, Organizing and Inspiration

What is Prompt Hero?

Prompt Hero is a little side project I cooked up over the Christmas holiday. The idea came out of my obsession with Midjourney and creating AI-generated images. In particular, I became fascinated with the “art” of building prompts. I studied the feeds from other Midjourney users and discovered so many great “tags” and “keywords” I became overwhelmed.

Think of it as a “CRM” for prompts!

I thought it would be helpful to not only have a tool to quickly build prompts but also organize them and create a library of my favorite tags. I think of it more like a CRM than anything else. That’s why I hacked together this little tool and I’d love your feedback.

Note:☝ I’ve built a lot of software in my career, but not as a core engineer. I’m not even that good of a coder; I’m more of a tinkerer. And yes, I built this in PHP, which I get is janky. But I know it. And I knew I could build a pretty nice proof of concept in a few weekends. So please don’t be too hard. But do let me know what bugs you find or improvement ideas you have.

How it Works

Here is a quick walkthrough with screenshots. Please send me feedback with bugs, ideas, and suggestions to

Creating an Account

  1. Create a free account at
  2. Currently in BETA so use early access code K59CLT9 if you didn’t get an invite yet.

Using the Prompt Builder

Go to “Builder” to start creating prompts.

Create AI Image Generation Prompts
  1. Click each tag to dynamically start creating your prompt
  2. Click copy to copy the prompt to clipboard and paste into Midjourney or your favorite AI image generator
  3. Click save to save your prompt for future use or editing
Build Prompts Dynamically from Thousands of Keywords and Tags

Creating, Adding & Removing Tags

Go to “Tags” to create new prompt keywords or choose from thousands created by other users.

  1. Filter by hidden in the dropdown to see tags created by other users.
  2. Then click the added/hidden button to toggle the tag to show up in your builder.
  3. Click New Tag to create custom tags that show up in your builder.
  4. Select the tag type to indicate if the tag is: Style, Details, Adjective, Inspiration, or Param (see below for explanation of tag categories).
  5. Adding an image is optional, but particularly useful for inspiration tags so people can see the artists style.
Create Custom Tags or Choose from a Library of Other User Tags

Example: ☝ For the inspiration > tag “Alberto Seveso”, who is an artist, use the prompt “Style of Alberto Seveso — v 4” in Midjourney to get a result like this:

Note:☝ Custom tags will only show up for you and be reviewed by community managers. If approved, they will be available for other users to add to their builder.

Seeing Images for Tags to get More Inspiration

Go to “Visuals” to look at images for tags.

Seeing Your Prompt History

Go to “Prompts” to look at all the prompts you’ve saved in the past.

  1. Click the promptto edit, copy or delete.
  2. Click the star to favorite your prompt.
Creat Amazing AI Image Generation Prompts for Midjourney

More About Tags

Building an effective AI image generation prompt for Midjourney or any AI engine is an art form in and of itself. Great prompts are made up of “tags” and “phrases”.

Browsing the Midjourney feed I found that the elements that make up prompts generally fit into a few categories:

Styles — These are sort of the genres like steampunk or concept art or fantasy

Details — These are generally methods by which images should be created like octane render or studio lighting or brush strokes

Adjectives — These are the ways to emphasize certain characteristics like Intricate or ominous or breathtaking

Inspiration — These are other artists that the AI takes design cues from like pixar or studio ghibli or tim burton

Params — These are of course the specific parameters that each AI platform accepts in prompts like aspect ratio or quality or algorithm version

I call these prompt elements tags and there are literally endless options and permutations.

Inside Prompt Hero, you can create your own tags or choose from tags created by other users.

Default Tags

When you signup, you get assigned 20 popular tags. You can hide any you don’t like by clicking the added button on the tags page.

Custom Tags

You can create any tags you want and assign them to one of the categories above. When you create a tag, I will review it and decide if it should be available to the community of other users. Once it’s enabled for other users, you won’t be able to edit it, but you can still hide it later.

Community Tags

All approved tags from other users are also available for you to use. This is the most interesting part of Prompt Hero I think because we can all learn better tags and keywords from each other. Go to the tags page again and filter to hidden. Then just click the hidden button for each tag you want to add to your CRM.

My Original Video

Here is the original video walkthrough I created when I was dreaming up this app.

Have fun and make some cool images!



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