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Entrepreneur and 5x founder. @velocify @amplifyla @markuphero @audiojoyapps @geekingapp | High school teacher. Content marketer. Startup junkie. Dad.

I’ve taught customer development and lean startup principles for 10+ years and I finally built an online course. Here’s my story.

Customer Development with Jeff Solomon

I’ve been building startups and helping entrepreneurs for most of my career. One of the most important skills I’ve learned over the years is how to use customer development to find product-market fit.

In short, customer development means talking to potential customers of your business to learn whether or not a problem exists and if your solution might actually solve it for them. Moreover, customer development must be done at the idea stage, not after building and launching your product or service.

The customer development concept was developed by Steve Blank and has been used by millions of entrepreneurs to…

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A great project management tool helps project teams plan, execute, and track projects easily and with greater efficiency. This is why almost two-third of companies who use project management tools can complete projects within their original budget.

PRO TIP: Trello and Asana are great project management tools, but both are missing one essential feature. Scroll to “Missing Feature” part article right now.

This figure is 47% for the companies that operate without these tools. The number of project management tools in the market can be overwhelming. …

A detailed comparison Evernote vs. Notion

Last updated on Feb, 23, 2021

So I’ve been a longtime paying subscriber to Evernote, 7+ years I’d say. I’ve probably converted 100 people to using that software over the years. When I sink my teeth into a software solution, I’m all in and I become an evangelist. But for most of the time I’ve been using Evernote, I’ve referred to it as the Best of the Worst as far as note taking apps go.

I had tried dozens of solutions (OneNote, Keep, SimpleNote, Bear, etc.) but kept always coming back to Evernote. And…

You love Notion, but have you been using Notion Templates? Learn about some great templates to supercharge your organization and productivity.

If you haven’t heard of Notion templates yet, you’ve might be living under a rock. Don’t worry too much, though. We will tell you all about what Notion is and how you can use Notion templates to achieve greater productivity in your daily life.

PRO TIP: Notion is the best note taking app hands down, but it’s missing one essential feature. Scroll to the “Missing Feature” part of the article right now.

What Is Notion?

Notion is an incredible productivity app that helps a wide range of people stay organized and achieve their full productivity potential. And it’s growing.

Serial entrepreneurs have likely tried it, failed at it, tried it again, succeeded at it, and maybe even failed at it one more time. Here are 10 tips you can follow and skip the failing part.

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Before I get into the tips, I think it’s useful to learn a little about the distinction between entrepreneurs and serial entrepreneurs. Both are people who seek out problems worth solving and can focus their efforts on a single idea to make a sustainable business out of nothing. Generally speaking, traditional entrepreneurs don’t have the itch to start something new during or even after their first successful venture.

This is partly due to risk aversion in that they don’t want to cause one business to fail at the behest of another. …

We all love our productivity tools. Whether Slack or Asana or Notion. But how can we get them to be 10x more effective? Here’s how.

Make Your Productivity Tools 10X More Effective w/ Markup Hero

Productivity is a trending topic, especially among entrepreneurs, students, and business professionals. This hype has made productivity tools the hot gadgets that everyone wants to implement in their lives right now.

A productivity tool is any application that can help you save time and get your everyday tasks done more efficiently. And there are literally productivity tools for everything under the rainbow.

However, there is a lot of debate over the actual effectiveness of productivity tools. Do productivity tools make you more productive? If they do, shouldn’t implementing more productivity tools make you more productive?

In this article, we will…

Thinking about Lemlist for sales automation and engagement? Here’s a review of the top 5 features and a few things you don’t know.

Lemlist is a sales enforcement tool that aims to improve your website conversion rate. It is the first email outreach tool that lets you create custom graphics and videos automatically.

The tool ensures that your page can complete all four steps of website conversion. But how does Lemlist optimize your website? Let’s look at some of the features that make Lemlist such an amazing sales enforcement tool.

CHECK IT: We’re so glad you’re here and we hope this article is useful. But before we get into the Lemlist review we would be really grateful if you would try our product…

Zenkit is a gem of a collaboration and productivity tool, but how to get the most out of it? Read on to see.

Try Zenkit for Productivity and Collaboration

With so many productivity tools out there, deciding on one can be difficult. You may also have jumped on the bandwagon and invested in Trello before realizing that it doesn’t work for your team. Whatever the reason, if Zenkit is one of the productivity tools you are considering, read on to learn what we thought of it.

CHECK IT: We’re so glad you’re here and we hope this article is useful. But before we get into the Zenkit review we would be really grateful if you would try our product Markup Hero. …

Pardot is a great marketing automation platform developed by Salesforce. Start here to learn the top 5 features and how to boost your B2B marketing.

Illustration by Semenin Egor from Ouch!

Pardot is a marketing automation solution owned by Salesforce and developed for B2B marketers. Its goal is to boost sales by generating a more reliable pipeline and creating meaningful connections.

BUT FIRST: Hopefully this article is useful for you, but before we get into it we’d be grateful if you took a look at our product Markup Hero. Marketing professionals and Pardot clients find Markup Hero super useful for taking screenshots and annotating files.

Thinking about nTask for project management? Well read on, we cover the key features you are going to love.

nTask and Markup Hero Integration

If you’re here, then you already know about the importance of project management tools. And you probably already have an idea about nTask. But there are probably some things you aren’t aware of the hugely popular project management software. This article breaks down key features you don’t want to miss, and one thing that nTask doesn’t have but really should.

PRO TIP: nTask is one of the best project management tools around, but it’s missing one essential feature. Scroll to the What’s Missing in nTask section of the article below.

Statistics have shown that around 77% of all successful projects…

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